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Burlesque Dancer NYC, New Jersey Aurora

NYC burlesque and fire dancer Aisha, director of "NYC Burlesque Dancers", actress and pin-up model, produces a wide array of shows and events spanning from highly acclaimed theater burlesque shows to one-off extraordinary spectaculars. While each show represents a different style within the burlesque genre. A blend of creative vision, style, glamour, and breathtaking beauty are words often used to describe Aurora's performances.  Aisha's powerful technique captures the true essence of the art, bringing to life sparkle and excitement!

The Diva is often hired to perform at upscale venues and celebrities' events. Some of her photos and videos have appeared in many popular magazines and TV. She's known for a warm and charming personality that manages to bring out the depth of her dances.

View Diva's photos and videos galleries and you will understand why she is in such high demand! 

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